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The Schuylkill Elder Abuse Prevention Alliance (previously known as the Schuylkill County Elder Abuse Task Force) is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporate entity comprising a group of people with an interest in protecting the seniors of Schuylkill County from elder abuse.

In 2004 a small cadre of concerned Schuylkill County citizens established the Schuylkill County Elder Abuse Task Force.  The organization grew to become the Schuylkill Elder Abuse Prevention Alliance (SEAPA) in 2007.

From its beginning SEAPA has pursued several objectives:

  • promote awareness of elder abuse in Schuylkill County;
  • provide education and training to groups on how to identify, prevent and report elder abuse; and
  • prosecute perpetrators of crimes against the elderly.

SEAPA now comprises 30 members representing the banking industry, clergy, long-term care, law enforcement, funeral directors, healthcare providers and educators.

The Alliance remains ever vigilant in promoting awareness, informing county residents and elder services providers about elder abuse and also working to ensure that crimes against the elderly are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Chairperson – Eileen Barlow
Co-Chairperson – Lori Michael
Secretary – Georgene Fedoriska
Treasurer – Karen Kenderdine

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